Important Hearing Thursday on Requirement to Show Carry Permits

On Thursday, the Public Safety and Security Committee of the CT Legislature will be holding a hearing in Hartford on a very important bill, HB 5408, that would clearly authorize police to require persons openly carrying handguns in public to produce their permit.  Right now, police can only ask to see permits if there is reasonable suspicion of a crime.

It is critically important that as many of you as possible come to the hearing in Hartford on Thursday, March 3rd, starting at 11:00 am in room 1C of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford.

Recently, many of our supporters have witnessed persons openly carrying guns in stores while shopping. I’m sure many of you are aware of situations such as the Subway in Bridgeport or the WalMart in Hartford where persons openly carrying firearms refused to show their permits at the request of police. In both cases, the persons carrying made video recordings on their phones to document the encounter.

HB 5408 will clearly eliminate conflicting interpretations of the law.

If you cannot be there, you can submit written testimony by sending an email here

Testimony will also be heard on two other firearm related bills at the hearing:

OPPOSEH.B. No. 5409 AN ACT CONCERNING APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR A TEMPORARY STATE PERMIT TO CARRY A PISTOL OR A REVOLVER. To create uniform criteria for the issuance of a temporary state permit to carry a pistol or revolver.

 This proposed bill would remove the ability of police chiefs and issuing authorities to seek additional information or documents in order to determine the suitability of a person to be granted a permit to carry a handgun in public beyond what is requested on the basic application.

Support: S.B. No. 20 AN ACT CONCERNING CARRYING A FIREARM WHILE INTOXICATED OR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL. To lower the alcohol in blood ratio from .100 to .080

 This proposed bill will make the blood alcohol level standard for carrying a firearm while intoxicated the same as for driving while intoxicated (Eight hundredths of 1% blood alcohol level).