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Gun Safety Supporters Speak Out

Letters to the Editor explaining why you support strong, common sense gun safety measures are important. Here are a few recent Letters to the Editor that we found interesting: Temi Bova in the Hartford Courant on why there should be restrictions on large -capacity magazines Kate Mayer in the CT Post on why she is” […]


Our Blind Spot About Guns

This NY Times editorial, Our Blind Spot About Guns, by Nicholas Kristof, seems to have struck a chord with our supporters: If we had the same auto fatality rate today that we had in 1921, by my calculations we would have 715,000 Americans dying annually in vehicle accidents. Instead, we’ve reduced the fatality rate by more than […]


Response to Gov. Christie Visit

[metaslider id=681] A crowd of about 200 people came to Greenwich on the evening of July 21 in response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s visit to appear at a fundraiser for endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. The crowd lined the route peacefully, holding numerous varieties of signage, and chanting from time to time […]