The Politics Are Shifting!‏

Direct Action Taken by Democrats In an unprecedented action, led by Civil Rights icon John Lewis (D-Georgia), House Democrats have occupied the Chamber through the night to protest Republican refusal […]

Hundreds Turn Newtown Orange At Gun Violence Awareness Rally

[metaslider id=1558] NEWTOWN — As dusk fell Thursday, a sea of orange slowly swept up Main Street. Working their way past the massive flag pole where the street intersects with […]

Ten Ways to Stop Gun Violence

  Gun violence takes many forms so solutions to the problems don’t lend themselves to “one size-fits-all” remedies. Here is our list of the top ten priorities for attacking the […]

Domestic Violence Bill is Passed in the House. Thank You!‏

We are very pleased that HB 5054 An Act Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence was passed late last night by the Connecticut House of Representatives! The bill will save lives […]

Editorial from CAGV Communications Director Jonathan Perloe

“I still see those empty orange running shoes in my dreams. What those two bullets took away. I miss her.” These are the words a friend used to begin the […]