It Was a Great Night for Gun Reform

Read, It Was A Great Night For Gun Reform, by George Zornick for The Nation: There weren’t many bright spots for progressives on Tuesday, but if you back stronger gun laws, things […]

Once Again, Guns

Here is the NY Times editorial, Once again,guns, by Gail Collins: It’s evening and a mom is tucking in her baby. Getting a nice text from dad, who’s away on […]

Statement From CT Against Gun Violence on Dan Carter Smear

Fairfield, CT – Last evening, State Representative Dan Carter tweeted that Newtown Action Alliance and Connecticut Against Gun Violence are equally as accountable as the National Rifle Association for gun […]

More Results Since Passage of SB 1160

Gun rights activists love to proclaim that SB 1160, the comprehensive CT Gun Violence Prevention bill we passed in 2013, signed by Governor Malloy, “doesn’t do a thing” to stop […]

FBI Releases Report on Mass Shootings

The Federal Bureau of Investigations issued a report on mass shootings on September 24, 2014. The Title of the Report is “A Study of Active Shooter Incidents in the United […]