CT Against Gun Violence has issued grades for all candidates running in November’s Connecticut General Assembly races. Where there is a clear choice of a candidate who is a champion on gun safety issues, CAGV has endorsed those candidates.

Factors used to determine grades included: voting record, responses to our candidate questionnaire sent to all candidates of record; statements made by candidates on gun safety issues to the press; comments made at public hearings, at candidate forums, and at candidate debates; appearances before and remarks made to opposition groups; comments and response to ideas presented at private meetings; and actions and comments in prior positions held.

Information was then reviewed and considered by the Endorsement Committee and final endorsement decisions were made. A grade of “?” indicates that sufficient information is not available for the candidate. If you’re not sure which district you vote in, please  click here

Click here to view the full list of candidates, grades, and endorsements for all CT General Assembly House and Senate Districts.


Direct Action Taken by Democrats

In an unprecedented action, led by Civil Rights icon John Lewis (D-Georgia), House Democrats have occupied the Chamber through the night to protest Republican refusal to allow a vote on two gun bills: ‘No Fly, No Buy” prohibiting those on No Fly lists from purchasing firearms, and “No check, No sale” expanding background checks requirements to online and gun show sales.

Almost all House Democrats have participated in the “sit-in”, taking turns at the podium throughout the night calling for a vote.

At 3:15 am, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) called a recess until July 5 and Republicans left for home while Democrats stayed on the floor.

A Political Shift

The vote did not come yet, but we are really seeing the politics shift on gun violence prevention as more and more members of Congress take action on the issue as they realize that public sentiment is everything and 80 to 90 % of Americans support these Common Sense Measures.  They saw a growing mass of supporters arrive, in the galleries and outside the Capitol.

Thank Our Connecticut Senators

Democratic members are still on the floor. Next steps are still very much in flux.  But our first action must be to thank our Connecticut Congressman, all of whom participated in the action throughout the day and night.

Call your Congressman now!  Say you support their bold action and that you want them to continue to demand a vote on gun safety measures.

Here is the list of our CT Members of Congress.  Call yours now!!

John Larson:  202-225-2265

Joe Courtney: 202-225-2076

Rosa DeLauro: 202-225-3661

Jim Himes:  202-225-5541

Elizabeth Esty: 202-225-4476

First, a sincere thank you to all of you who made calls, sent emails, and posted/tweeted on social media to Senators around the country asking for their vote.

I know how disappointing it is to you that common sense bills like Universal Background Checks and prohibiting gun sales to terrorists – bills with large public support in the polls and for which thousands of calls and emails made it to the targeted Senators –  still failed to pass in the Senate, on mostly party line votes. For Senator Murphy’s amendment on Universal Background checks, only one Republican voted yes, Mark Kirk-IL; Three Democrats voted no: Heidi Heitkamp-ND; Joe Manchin-WVA; and Jon Tester-MT. For Senator Feinstein’s Terror Gap bill, two Republicans voted yes:  Kirk and Kelly Ayotte-NH. One Democrat, Heitkamp, voted no.

Senator Murphy commented on the vote that: ‘Republicans have decided to sell weapons to ISIS.’

[For Full Votes: Feinstein Amendment: Click here. Murphy Amendment: Click here.]

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