Critical news of interest to our readers.

We saw an increase in firearm homicides in 2015 over recent year trends. 78 Connecticut residents were murdered by guns in 2015.

Suicides on the other hand declined over recent trends, as 99 took their lives with a firearm in CT.

There was also one death for which the manner has not yet been confirmed as a homicide or suicide by the CT Chief Medical Examiner.

No accidental firearms deaths were recorded in Connecticut for 2015.

Our data is confirmed monthly with the CT Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

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Law Center Map

As in the past, the rankings reveal a strong correlation between smart gun laws and fewer gun deaths—states with the weakest laws, like Wyoming and Mississippi have some of the highest gun death rates in the country, while states with strong laws, like California and Connecticut, have some of the lowest gun death rates. Simply put, the Scorecard shows that gun laws save lives.

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This past Sunday The New York Times ran an editorial, Despair About Guns is Not an Option, that identified seven legislative and policy prescriptions that would lower gun deaths and injuries. It’s a useful agenda against which to evaluate successes and opportunities in Connecticut, which is just what we did below. Click here to read the editorial.

We compared the Times’ agenda with CAGV actions during the three years since Sandy Hook and identified simple actions you can take to bring us closer to our goal of reducing all gun violence in CT. Because of the engagement of committed supporters like you, we have already taken action on most of the priorities laid out by the Times.

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