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Last May, Lori Jackson, a 32 year-old mother of two living in Oxford, CT, was shot and killed by her husband after a court granted her a temporary restraining order. Despite the court believing Lori’s safety was at risk, her husband was allowed to keep his gun.

To close the loophole that puts women at mortal danger all too often, Governor Malloy has introduced legislation to prohibit domestic abusers subject to temporary restraining orders from keeping or buying firearms (click here for the Governor’s press release).

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State Rankings 2013

Based on a Violence Policy Center analysis of newly available data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, CT now has the 4th lowest rate of gun deaths in the nation.  For the previous year, we had ranked sixth.

The VPC analysis also indicates that  states with the lowest overall gun death rates have lower rates of gun ownership and some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation. However, even in these states the human toll of gun violence is far above the gun death rate in other industrialized nations.

The VPC analysis refers to overall gun death rates in 2013, the most recent year for which data is available. A table of the states with the five highest gun death rates and the five lowest gun death rates is below. For a list of gun death rates in all 50 states,  click here.

States with the Five Highest Gun Death Rates

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We are very pleased that so many of you have signed our pledge to let candidates know that you will only support those who favor smart, common sense gun violence prevention legislation (if you haven’t already signed the pledge, you can do it here).rsz_evgubxmdswzcnai-556x313-nopadSo to help you understand which legislators supported our historic gun safety bill in 2013, SB1160, here is a link to how our legislators voted:

Senate Vote

House Vote

Obviously, those who voted no on the bill are not supportive of our issue.