Gun Safety Supporters Speak Out


Letters to the Editor explaining why you support strong, common sense gun safety measures are important. Here are a few recent Letters to the Editor that we found interesting:

Hope you find these interesting too.

Our Blind Spot About Guns

This NY Times editorial, Our Blind Spot About Guns, by Nicholas Kristof, seems to have struck a chord with our supporters:

If we had the same auto fatality rate today that we had in 1921, by my calculations we would have 715,000 Americans dying annually in vehicle accidents.

Instead, we’ve reduced the fatality rate by more than 95 percent — not by confiscating cars, but by regulating them and their drivers sensibly.

We could have said, “Cars don’t kill people. People kill people,” and there would have been an element of truth to that. Many accidents are a result of alcohol consumption, speeding, road rage or driver distraction. Or we could have said, “It’s pointless because even if you regulate cars, then people will just run each other down with bicycles,” and that, too, would have been partly true.

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How They Voted; How Will You Vote?


We are very pleased that so many of you have signed our pledge to let candidates know that you will only support those who favor smart, common sense gun violence prevention legislation (if you haven’t already signed the pledge, you can do it here).rsz_evgubxmdswzcnai-556x313-nopadSo to help you understand which legislators supported our historic gun safety bill in 2013, SB1160, here is a link to how our legislators voted:

Senate Vote

House Vote

Obviously, those who voted no on the bill are not supportive of our issue.