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Gun Laws Matter

Chart from Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, www.smartgunlaws.org

The gun industry and the Corporate Gun Lobby have long claimed that we do not need more restrictions on guns. They claim that more guns mean less crime. When we passed our comprehensive gun violence prevention bill in the 2013 Connecticut legislative session, they claimed that this bill would not stop a single gun death.

The kind of claims they make can be difficult to dispute. They often require trying to prove a negative. How do you prove that a given law was responsible for preventing a crime that did not happen?

But here is what we do know. In 2013 gun homicides here were the lowest since 2005.

CT Gun Death through 2013
[1] Data confirmed with CT Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Read more

Ron-Pinciaro CAGV press conference

Stop In-State Gun Trafficking To Criminals

The following op-ed, written by CAGV Executive Director Ron Pinciaro, was published the Nov. 4, 2013 online version of the Hartford Courant.

Gun crimes are too often committed by persons who cannot legally own guns. Virtually all gun sales start with a legal sale. So how do those legally acquired guns get into the hands of prohibited users? Read more