Hundreds Turn Newtown Orange At Gun Violence Awareness Rally

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NEWTOWN — As dusk fell Thursday, a sea of orange slowly swept up Main Street.

Working their way past the massive flag pole where the street intersects with Church Hill Road, hundreds of people, all wearing some shade of orange, walked with purpose: putting a spotlight on gun violence and its lethal toll.

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Ten Ways to Stop Gun Violence


Gun violence takes many forms so solutions to the problems don’t lend themselves to “one size-fits-all” remedies. Here is our list of the top ten priorities for attacking the gun violence problem.

  1. Smart Guns

Smart gun technologies, in which Smart guns, or personalized guns, are designed to be useless unless unlocked by radio signal or a biometric authenticator such as voice activation, fingerprints, or a retina scan could help prevent gun deaths in many important ways including:

  1. The hundreds of thousands of guns stolen every year could be rendered harmless.
  2. Gun accidents in the home could be reduced, especially among children.
  3. Suicidal teenagers would be prevented from appropriating their parents’ guns.

The term smart gun has been trademarked by the gun manufacturer Mossberg.

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Domestic Violence Bill is Passed in the House. Thank You!‏

We are very pleased that HB 5054 An Act Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence was passed late last night by the Connecticut House of Representatives!

The bill will save lives by requiring subjects of temporary restraining orders to surrender their firearms within 24 hours of service of the order. Women are at heightened risk when taking court action against abusers. And when a gun is present in a domestic dispute, women are five times more likely to be killed.  So swift removal of firearms from abusers is critical. This bill does just that!

Only with your support in urging your legislator to vote in favor of the bill, could the bill have passed by such a substantial, more than two-to-one margin: 104 voted in favor, only 42 against.

There is no substitute for the effective advocacy from supporters like you.

Now we must complete the task by completing the job in the Senate.

Again, we ask you to simply click here to send a message to your State Senator asking them to support HB5054.