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There’s no question that the midterm elections strengthened our position in the CT General Assembly. Candidates strong on gun violence prevention outperformed their opponents in both the House and Senate. Now a special election is being held on Tuesday, February 26 to fill the open seat in the State Senate 5th District. It’s important we hold this seat that was vacated by Senator Beth Bye, a long-time supporter of strong gun safety laws.

CAGV is pleased to announce that we have endorsed Derek Slap for the 5th State Senate district. Like Senator Bye, Representative Slap has been outspoken in his support for common-sense gun laws. He voted to ban bump stocks last year. But even before he joined the legislature, Derek Slap was involved in gun safety legislation. As Chief of Staff for the Senate Democratic Caucus, he helped to draft the landmark gun safety legislation that passed after the Sandy Hook School shooting.

Because they don’t get much attention, special elections are often overlooked or considered unimportant because they are in safe districts for one party or the other. Don’t be complacent! If you live in the 5th Senate District (Burlington and West Hartford, and portions of Bloomfield and Farmington), please go to the polls on Tuesday, February 26 and vote to elect Derek Slap for State Senator representing the 5th district.

Carter Twitter

Fairfield, CT – Last evening, State Representative Dan Carter tweeted that Newtown Action Alliance and Connecticut Against Gun Violence are equally as accountable as the National Rifle Association for gun deaths in this country.

Carter tweeted: “Both sides are against reasonable solutions, so they are all accountable for gun deaths – NRA, NAA, CAGV.”

Equally accountable? Newtown Action Alliance, formed by a stricken community in the aftermath of the most horrific killing spree the nation has ever seen, responsible for gun deaths? Along with CT Against Gun Violence, an organization that has been fighting for gun safety for more than twenty years, contributing to the result that Connecticut now has the second strongest gun laws in the nation and the sixth lowest rate of gun deaths?

Ron Pinciaro, Executive Director of CAGV, commented: “Dan Carter, Representative for a General Assembly district that includes part of Newtown, voted against the landmark gun violence prevention bill passed in response to the enormity of the Newtown tragedy. Perhaps he is trying to rationalize that vote in this way. We have had many differences with the gun lobby in the past, but this accusation is a first.”

Social media was alive for hours late last night after the tweet with the Newtown community and surrounding towns uniformly outraged over Carter’s statement.