Anti-Violence Walk-Talkers Hit West Rock Streets

New Haven Independent |

While celebrating his birthday on his Westville Manor front steps with his two granddaughters, Jose Valentin shared his perspectives of gun violence in New Haven with a group of 15 adults walking the neighborhood to talk to residents about stopping the violence.

Valentin works at a barbershop in the Hill. He agreed that all violence, especially gun violence, needs to stop.

Valentin said he sometimes deals with angry and violent youth at his barbershop. “These kids think ignorance is a joke,” he said.

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Bipartisan Policing Bill Bypasses Urban Gun Violence

CT News Junkie |

RACIAL EQUALITY CAN’T BE ACHIEVED IF PEOPLE AREN’T SAFE IN THEIR COMMUNITIES. That’s why CAGV has proposed the CT Initiative to Prevent Community Gun Violence. Ask your legislatures to support a program to identify, fund and oversee evidence-based, community-centric violence prevention and intervention programs to reduce gun violence in CT’s larger cities. Email your legislator.

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Connecticut Receives A- Grade For Tough Gun Laws

CT News Junkie |

WASHINGTON, DC – Connecticut continues to earn good grades for the strength of its gun laws, according to a new report from a national gun safety organization.

Connecticut received an A- in the 2019 Gun Law Scorecard compiled by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence which annually grades and ranks each state on the strength of its gun laws.

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