Waterbury Police Chief Addresses Gun Control Reform in Washington, DC

NBC CT | Addressing the U.S Senate Judiciary Committee, Chief Fernando Spagnolo explained how his community has benefited from Connecticut’s strict gun laws, many of which have been adopted since the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings.

“The events of that day, the loss of those young children and their teachers, shook the nation to its very core,” said Spagnolo..

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Campbell: CT lawmakers have chance to save lives

CT Post | A few days before the Connecticut legislative judiciary committee held a public hearing on some gun legislation, the advocacy group CT Against Gun Violence hosted Zoom sessions to train advocates how to testify.

One of the bills to be discussed in the public hearing, H.B. 6355, seeks to update a late ‘90s law that created a process for temporarily removing guns from people who are a threat to themselves or to others, also known as extreme risk protection orders, or ERPO. Connecticut was the first state to enact such a law after an employee at the state lottery headquarters killed four co-workers and then himself in 1998.

Other states have…

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Pandemic, presidential election, protests spur gun permit applications

The Day | After hearing calls to “defund” the police and wanting to protect herself, downtown New London resident Suzanne Simpson enrolled in an NRA handgun training class last August and a month later began the two-part process to secure her state pistol permit.

Four months later, she still is waiting for her local approval from New London police before submitting her application for a state permit, a process expected to take just as long.

“This is pathetic that…

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