New Haven and CAGV host community listening session to address gun violence

NEW HAVEN, Conn. — New Haven, like many other cities around the country has experienced an uptick in gun violence over the past couple of years.

“Gun violence we know has spiked during the pandemic, we’ve seen dramatic increases in gun violence in New Haven,” said Jeremy Stein executive director of CT Against Gun Violence.

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Connecticut gun control advocates cheer $73 million settlement between Remington and Sandy Hook families

Gun control advocates in Connecticut celebrated Tuesday as the maker of a rifle used to kill 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 agreed to pay $73 million to the families of nine victims.

“No amount of money could ever repay the [Sandy Hook] families for their losses that they’ve suffered,” Jeremy Stein, executive director of CT Against Gun Violence, said Tuesday. “But it also marks a historic moment that shows that the gun industry can be held accountable.”

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Bipartisan gun compromise crafted by Connecticut senators hailed as historic

HARTFORD — As advocates hailed a bipartisan gun safety compromise Monday that was described as historic, two U.S. senators said the package is still weeks away from final passage.

U.S. Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, two Connecticut Democrats who were key architects of the largest gun reforms in three decades, said the painstaking work of crafting the final language will continue before the measure can reach President Joe Biden’s desk.

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