Blocks From Gunfire, Rally Aims At Violence

New Haven Independent | Activists from throughout the state gathered in Dixwell Wednesday evening for a rally calling for an end to gun violence.

The rally, organized by the group Connecticut Against Gun Violence, coincided with a push for a new statewide initiative — and with the latest nonfatal shooting of a teen in the neighborhood.

Participants pledged to continue pushing lawmakers to support efforts like like the passage of Ethan’s Law in 2019, which requires state gun owners to store firearms safely in homes with minors or face possible federal jail time.

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Rally held in New Haven to honor lives lost to shootings

Eye Witness News 3 | National Gun Violence Awareness Day is this Friday and on Wednesday, the organization “Connecticut Against Gun Violence” held a rally in New Haven to honor lives lost to shootings.

Loved ones say they want to do more to end gun violence than just talking about it. They say they want their communities to take action.

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The time is now to create the CT Office of Community Gun Violence Prevention

The CT Mirror | On a recent Saturday in Hartford, 3-year-old Randell Jones was shot and killed while sitting in a car with his siblings. Later that afternoon, just a mile away, 16-year-old Ja’Mari Preston was shot dead. These are not isolated events. Over the 10-year period ending in 2017, more than 400 young people in Connecticut have been killed by guns. The crisis of gun violence disproportionately affects communities of color. One statistic screams out: young Black men in Connecticut are 39 times more likely than young white men to be slain with a gun.

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