Alma Rutgers: Sandy Hook as the tipping point

Next Sunday is the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre. Since then, more than 60,000 people have died in America from gunshot wounds. By December next year, if nothing changes, that number will be 90,000.

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Lawmaker Representing Newtown Draws Stern Rebuke from Gun Control Groups

A state lawmaker who represents a portion of Newtown is drawing criticism from gun control advocates for comments he made on social media.

In an exchange on Twitter last night, Rep. Dan Carter, R-Bethel, said advocacy groups on “both sides” in the gun control debate are responsible for gun deaths. He cited the NRA as well as two groups calling for stricter gun control laws: the Newtown Action Alliance and Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

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Malloy issues ACA challenge to NRA

HARTFORD — Commemorating Connecticut’s first anniversary of tougher gun laws, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy didn’t mince words on Thursday, loudly challenging the National Rifle Association to support the federal Affordable Care Act and help expand opportunities for mental-health treatment.

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