Regulate Ghost Guns

Last year, a convicted felon in Watertown used a gun assembled at home by his girlfriend to kill her two teenage children over an argument about him smoking in the house. Last month, a man in Vernon used his homemade “ghost gun” to shoot and kill a Motel 6 owner over a dispute about a pool pass.

Just halfway through the year, more of these untraceable guns have been recovered by police in Hartford, New Haven and Waterbury than during all of 2021. A 2018 House Committee reported that ghost guns are a “homeland security threat.”

Earlier this year, President Biden instructed the Justice Department to propose a rule change to regulate ghost guns just as firearms purchased from gun dealers are: requiring criminal background checks to purchase these DIY kits, and affixing serial numbers so they can be traced when used in crimes.

The DOJ’s proposed rule change has been published, and is available for public comment. Please take a moment to register your support for ATF’s regulatory changes that will finally treat ghost guns as the serious threat they are.

Tell the ATF: ghost guns should be regulated!
Although Connecticut took the lead in regulating ghost guns in 2019, without federal action, the threat to public safety will continue to increase. Between 2016 and 2020, the number of ghost guns retrieved from crime scenes increased five-fold. The NRA announced it will do everything it can to stop “Biden’s gun control,” including regulating ghost guns.

Please click here to use our action form to tell DOJ that you support their rule change. So far some 85,000 comments have been submitted, and I can assure you, the vast majority talk about violating the Second Amendment, punishing law-abiding gun owners and left-wing gun-grabbing conspiracies.

Appearances matter; it’s critical to show lawmakers and the media that unfettered access to lethal weapons is not OK.

Thank you for using your voice to keep us safe from these DIY guns that are showing up everywhere, including here in Connecticut.

Opinion: Taking a stand against gun violence

CT Post | Remarking on last week’s mass shooting in San Jose, California Gov. Gavin Newsom asked, “What the hell is wrong with us, and when are we going to come to grips with this?” His unfiltered response is entirely understandable: nine coworkers were murdered by a disgruntled employee who was armed with semi-automatic handguns and high-capacity magazines.

The tragic irony of the situation was not lost on Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), who across the country in Washington, D.C., prefaced her questioning of David Chipman, President Biden’s highly qualified nominee to lead the ATF, by saying, “While we are sitting here, we have a gunman in San Jose shooting down people.” That didn’t stop Senate allies of the NRA from attacking the long-time veteran of the ATF because he supports stronger federal gun laws.

Click here to see the full article at the CT Post.

National Day of Service Food Drive a Huge Success!

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined the CAGV Community Food Drive we hosted as part of the National Day of Service. What a great way to recognize MLK Day! 

Economic instability, including food insecurity, creates conditions of despair that exacerbate gun violence, as we have seen during the pandemic in Connecticut and across the nation. The CAGV Community Food Drive was a small way to help alleviate the devastation that is disproportionately affecting low-income Americans and communities of color.  

Here’s what we heard from a few of the 300 participants: Francis contributed to FISH in Torrington, telling us, “Amidst the sad, distressing news of the day, it’s important to stay focused on what we all can do to help one another and to build more just, equitable, healthy and peaceful communities.” 

Kathy donated to Operation Hope of Fairfield, simply saying she wanted “to help others and to do something positive.” 

Michael donated to the Town of West Hartford food bank, saying he “Wanted to honor the memory of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and give my grandchildren a chance to take part in community service.” 

Nancy, a teacher, made a food donation to Neighbor-to-Neighbor in Greenwich and contributed to our grocery gift card fund, writing, “The Day of Service in honor of MLK is a PERFECT opportunity to ‘Walk the Talk’ with my family and students.” 

Elizabeth donated to the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center, writing “I want Joe and Kamala to know I am happy to step up if they need me.” 

In addition to the food contributions so many of you made it to local food banks, we raised more than $3,000 to purchase grocery store gift cards that we’ll pass along to four organizations that do hands-on work to prevent gun violence, but during the pandemic have expanded the ways they help individuals and families in crisis. They are: Helping Young People Evolve in HartfordStreetSafe in Bridgeport, CT Violence Intervention Program in New Haven and the Association of Religious Communities in Danbury.