Response to Gov. Christie Visit

A crowd of about 200 people came to Greenwich on the evening of July 21 in response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s visit to appear at a fundraiser for endorsed GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley.

The crowd lined the route peacefully, holding numerous varieties of signage, and chanting from time to time “Not One More,” or “I Vote Gun Safety,” or “What Do We Want? Gun Sense!  When Do We Want It?  Now!”

The event was organized by Connecticut Voters For Gun Safety, a political action committee working to help candidates who support strong gun laws.

The purpose of the event was to demonstrate the facts that: Connecticut was disappointed in Governor Christie’s veto of a New Jersey bill passed by their legislature that would have limited firearm magazine capacity to no more than ten rounds; that Governor Christie was inhospitable to Sandy Hook parents who had asked to meet with him before he vetoed the bill; and that the alliance of Tom Foley with Governor Christie, as well as public remarks made by Foley, are  troublesome to supporters of gun violence prevention.

Here are some links to press coverage of the event.

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Why NRA’s scary “open carry” craze is not about freedom

by for

paul_ryan_gun-620x412Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant and a loud group of armed men come through the door. They are ostentatiously displaying their weapons, making sure that everyone notices them. Would you feel safe or would you feel in danger? Would you feel comfortable confronting them? If you owned the restaurant could you ask them to leave? These are questions that are facing more and more Americans in their everyday lives as “open carry” enthusiasts descend on public places ostensibly for the sole purpose of exercising their constitutional right to do it. It just makes them feel good, apparently.

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