In its just-released Annual Gun Law Scorecard®Giffords Law Center awarded an “A” to Connecticut on the strength of our regulations and policies that prevent gun violence. What’s even more important is our distinction as having the sixth lowest gun death rate in the country, half the national average. Strong gun laws save lives!

An “upgrade” from the “A-” we’ve had since 2014, Connecticut is one of only three states with an “A” grade.

Giffords noted that we strengthened our safe storage and ghost gun laws, prohibited open carry, required long guns to be sold with locking devices and appropriated an unprecedented amount of funding for community violence intervention (CVI).

We applaud Governor Lamont for introducing his Act Addressing Gun Violence and including CVI funding in his budget. We are grateful to the CT General Assembly who passed the bill into law and appropriated even more than the governor requested. We are also thankful for our allies who work side by side with us to make Connecticut safer from gun violence.

But most of all, we applaud supporters like you for your grassroots advocacy. Connecticut would not be A-graded without the commitment and effort of citizens who use their voices to drive change.

Despite Connecticut’s leadership position, there is still much to be done (you’ll be hearing from us about that come the new year). But today, please take this time be proud of what we’ve accomplished.