CT Legislature Makes History by Passing 3 Gun Bills in One Day!

CT Against Gun Violence applauds state Senate lawmakers who joined their House counterparts in passing three gun safety bills on a bi-partisan basis. This marks the first time in history that the legislature has passed three separate bills in the same legislative session. CAGV commends the efforts of the Senators who championed the bill, including Senate President Martin Looney, Majority Leader Bob Duff, Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano and Senate Judiciary Chair Gary Winfield. 

Jeremy Stein, Executive Director of CT Against Gun Violence said, “The large and bi-partisan majorities that voted for stronger safe storage requirements and to ban ghost guns is a victory for the people of Connecticut.” Stein noted, “The historic action of passing three important bills in one session reflects that voters in Connecticut want legislators to pass tough, but common-sense, measures to keep Connecticut safe from gun violence.” He continued, “Legislators took decisive action because they know these measures will prevent gun deaths from unintentional shootings, criminal activity, mass shootings and suicide by keeping guns out of the hands of unauthorized users.” Governor Lamont is on record supporting all three bills.

With record-setting bi-partisan and virtually unanimous support “Ethan’s Law” passed 34-2. HB-7218 requires all firearms, loaded or unloaded, to be securely stored when minors under age 18 are in the home. Under current law, only loaded firearms need to be secured, and only if children in the home are below age 16. The Senate also passed HB-7223 with bi-partisan support, 20-15. The bill prohibits unsecured handguns from being left in unattended vehicles. With this measure, Connecticut will become one of fewer than 10 states to require firearms in unattended vehicles to be secured in some manner.

Also with bi-partisan support HB-7219, the bill to ban ghost guns, passed xx-xx. Proponents of the bill noted the growing problem of ghost guns in Connecticut, calling attention to the multiple arrests that have been made and guilty pleas secured in Connecticut over the past year for individuals selling assault weapons assembled at home, including to convicted felons.

Melissa Kane, President of CT Against Gun Violence said, “We are proud that Connecticut continues to serve as a model for how lawmakers, regardless of party affiliation, can work together to protect their constituents from gun violence.”  Passing the three bills is a reflection of CAGV’s relationships and ongoing dialogue with legislators from both parties, and the organization’s ability to mobilize its supporters as well as those from other gun violence prevention organizations such as Moms Demand Action, Mothers United Against Violence and Newtown Action Alliance. Remarked Terra Volpe, Outreach Director for CAGV, “The collaboration among all the Connecticut-based gun violence prevention organizations was tremendous. For the past two weeks dozens of advocates have worked side-by-side in the Capitol to send a unified message to legislators: keep our citizens safe from gun violence; pass these common-sense gun laws.”