Press Conference in Stamford on State Carry Bill

March 2, 2017 @ 11:00 am
Stamford Police Department
805 Bedford St
Stamford, CT 06905
Press Conference in Stamford on State Carry Bill @ Stamford Police Department | Stamford | Connecticut | United States

Join CT Against Gun Violence, Members of the Judiciary Committee of the CT State legislature, and Police Chiefs from CT Towns for a press conference at the Stamford Police Department.

The purpose is to explain the important public safety reasons for passing H.B. 6200, An Act Concerning Presentation of a Carry Permit.

The public hearing on this bill will be coming up soon, probably within the next two weeks.  Appearing at that hearing and submitting testimony will be critically important to helping to pass this bill. But the first step is to show strong support from you at this press conference.

Speakers will include CT Legislature House Judiciary Committee Co-Chair William Tong; Chief Anthony Salvatore, President, CT Police Chiefs Association; Stamford Police Chief, Jonathan Fontneau; CT Against Gun Violence Executive Director, Ron Pinciaro; and Newtown Action Alliance Founder and Chairperson, Po Murray.

HB 6200 if passed will require persons carrying handguns in public in CT to produce their CT permit when requested by police officers in situations where the pistol or revolver is visible to the law enforcement officer.

Current statute only allows law enforcement to request to see the permit of a gun owner carrying in public when there is “reasonable suspicion of a crime,” even though the individual is required to have the permit on his person. Situations have arisen where gun owners have refused to show their permit upon police officer request. Not allowing law enforcement to determine if an individual carrying a gun in public is doing so legally creates a safety risk for both the public and law enforcement. The proposed bill gives law enforcement the authority they need to assure public safety and diffuse situations which the general public finds threatening, while respecting the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.