Stop In-State Gun Trafficking To Criminals

Ron-Pinciaro CAGV press conferenceThe following op-ed, written by CAGV Executive Director Ron Pinciaro, was published the Nov. 4, 2013 online version of the Hartford Courant.

Gun crimes are too often committed by persons who cannot legally own guns. Virtually all gun sales start with a legal sale. So how do those legally acquired guns get into the hands of prohibited users? Read more

CAGV Benefit Luncheon A Huge Success!!!

Marty Isaac, President, CAGV Board of Directors

Marty Isaac, President, CAGV Board of Directors, welcomes all to the event.

On behalf of CAGV, we want to sincerely thank our dedicated and generous supporters for the success of our March 5 luncheon.

We were thrilled to have a packed ballroom, all eager to hear Colin Goddard, Senior Policy Advocate at Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, speak of his experiences as a victim of the Virginia Tech shooting.  We also learned of the important activities on college campuses from Andy Pelosi of; and CAGV Executive Director Ron Pinciaro speaking to the status of legislation and school safety. Read more