No police reforms would be complete without gun reforms

Washington Post | ANOTHER REASON TO STRENGTHEN GUN LAWS. This essay observes that policing in the U.S. is inherently more dangerous than in other countries; that fear and danger leads […]

Gun Violence Prevention Must Be Part of Racial Injustice Solution

CT Mirror | We are in the midst of a historic opportunity to begin the process of eradicating the systemic, institutionalized racism and injustice that has afflicted Black people, and […]

Guns don’t make us safer during a pandemic

CT Mirror | And they increase the risk of suicide, domestic violence and accidental injury. There’s been a lot of discussion in recent days about whether gun sellers should be […]

20 Years Later, It’s Time to Update CT’s Extreme Risk Protection Order Law

Daily Clout | Connecticut was the first state in the nation to implement an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) law, in 1999 following a mass shooting in the CT Lottery […]