Please Don’t Let the NRA Sabotage the ATF

The ATF is the federal agency tasked with enforcing the nation’s gun laws and regulating the firearms industry. However, for years Congressional allies of the gun lobby have pursued a relentless strategy to weaken the ATF.

President Biden has nominated David Chipman to lead the ATF, but the confirmation is imperiled, despite Chipman’s impressive credentials. Senate GOP Whip John Thune reported that Republicans are united in their opposition, and a handful of Democrats are on the fence.

We need your help to get all 50 Democrats and Independents on board. If you know people in Arizona, Maine, Montana or West Virginia, please reach out to them and ask them to contact their Senators in support of Chipman’s nomination. See below for an email you can copy and send right now.

And, please call Senators Blumenthal (202-224-2823) and Murphy (202-224-4041) to let them know you want them to do everything they can to get Chipman confirmed. Your support strengthens their position.

Please click here to let us know you’ve taken this important action. We’re part of a national coalition working to confirm Chipman, and we want to report back on your efforts.

David Chipman is uniquely qualified to lead the ATF. He has dedicated his career to public safety, counterterrorism, and gun violence prevention, spanning 25 years as a special agent and in leadership roles at the ATF, and now as an advisor to Giffords.

The NRA and its Senate allies oppose Chipman because he supports an assault weapons ban, universal background checks and an aggressive posture for the ATF to go after corrupt gun dealers who supply straw purchasers and gun traffickers.

Please go through your address book and send the email below to people you know in AZ, ME, MT and WV, and call Senators Blumenthal and Murphy (contact info and script below). Then click this link to let us know you’ve completed the action.

Thank you for taking action to give the ATF the leadership it needs.