Public Hearings Now Scheduled for Important Gun Safety Bills

The Judiciary Committee has scheduled a Public Hearing for this Wednesday, March 11, at 10:30 am at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) at 300 Capitol Avenue, Hartford.

Two Domestic Violence Bills (SB650, An Act Concerning Temporary Restraining Orders and HB 6848, An Act Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence) are on the agenda as well as our Safe Storage bill (HB6962, An Act Concerning Firearm Safety).

We are strongly in favor of these bills; they are at the top of CAGV’s legislative priorities.

It is critically important that we get as many people as possible to demonstrate the strength of our movement. Even if you don’t want to testify, or can only stay for a couple of hours, your presence will be noticed by legislators and the media.

Gun rights extremists in CT, supported by the NRA, have been very effective at making their presence felt in legislative hearings. We know this impacts legislators who often feel intimidated by their forceful opposition to any gun safety law. If we want lawmakers to take courageous stands, we must make our voices heard. Appearing and testifying at public hearings is a visible and effective tactic. The media takes notice.

Please sign up here if you can (or may be able to) join us in Hartford for the hearing on Wednesday. If you want to testify at the hearing, sign up begins at 8:30 am on Wednesday.Click here for information on what to expect at a Public Hearing.

If you would like to submit testimony online, please email your testimony in Word or PDF format to