Q-Poll Shows CT Voters Will Vote for Gun Safety

I vote for gun safety

A Quinnipiac University poll based on telephone interviews with 1668 voters showed that CT voters strongly support gun safety and intend to support candidates who agree. The poll was conducted from May 1 to May 6. Support for strong gun laws was equally as strong as when asked in June 2013.

Connecticut voters support our strong new gun laws by a substantial margin of 56-38%. Results varied widely by political affiliation and gender:  81% of Democrats and 54% of unaffiliated voters support stronger gun laws. 69% of Republicans oppose them. Support among women was 66% while 51% of men were opposed.

All age groups supported stronger gun laws ranging from 54% for the younger groups (18-49) to 59% for those aged 65+.

Even among gun owner households, 30% supported our strong laws.

Quinnipiac poll director Douglas Schwartz said, “Overall public opinion is on the side of new gun control laws. It would appear the pro-gun control folks have the advantage on intensity.” He said that those who would vote based only on the gun issue (single issue voters) favored the new laws.

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