The Solution To Racial Injustice Must Include Gun Violence Prevention

Daily Clout | We are in the midst of a historic opportunity to begin the process of eradicating the systemic, institutionalized racism and injustice that has afflicted black people, and other marginalized communities, from well before the founding fathers declared their intention to form a “more perfect union.” Although their words recognized that achieving justice and equality is a journey, not a destination, history and recent events have once again made evident that black Americans were excluded from the outset, and are still not fully part of that journey.

Black Lives Matter protests have swept Connecticut and the conversations they have ignited are encouraging. There are hopeful signs that substantive changes are possible that will address police brutality and accountability, and more systemic changes for communities of color such as access to economic opportunity, education, health equity and affordable housing. Equally important is tackling the crisis of gun violence, especially as it impacts black and brown communities.

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